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A quantum leap in perfusion technology

Sorin’s fifth-generation modular heart-lung machine has set new standards for functionality, flexibility and quality.  

Designed for many years of demanding performance, the advanced design allows for:

  • Better integration with the perfusion circuit
  • More configuration options to accommodate a greater assortment of procedures (including pediatric)
  • Quick
 and easy exchange of individual components in the most challenging environments
  • Unprecedented safety features

As upgrades can be implemented at any time, 
 the S5 system will remain state-of-the-art for many years to come.

Addressing individual needs

From a small, compact HLM equipped with three roller pumps to a full-featured system with seven roller pumps and the full range of control and monitoring functions, the S5 can be configured to individual requirements and budget considerations.

IM-00705 A



From a small, compact HLM equipped with double-head pumps to a five-position system with extended masts, the S5 can be configured to your budget considerations.

  • Console for 3 to 5 roller pumps
  • 2 additional roller pumps can be mounted on the mast  
  • Panel with 3, 4 or 6 display modules
  • Flexible mast system     


All of the warnings and automated alarms of the S5 system are recorded and listed chronologically on the system display panel. Information and incidents cannot get lost, and critical situations can be quickly detected and cleared.

  • Full text messages for alarms and warnings
  • One key each for muting, clearing and overriding alarms
  • Differentiated alarm tones
  • Quick and easy replacement of all DCMs  
  • UPS can bridge a power failure up to 130 minutes (20 minutes at full load)


The S5 was designed to meet the diverse needs of today's hospital—and then keep pace with you as your needs change. SIII and SIII Encore™ system users can transfer their external devices such as data management system or SCP to the new S5 System. They easily connect to the S5 using an adapter cable.

  • Pump heads can be rotated into position to optimize tubing layout
  • Two vertically and one horizontally moveable masts for mounting external devices and disposables
  • Up to four TFT displays can be stacked vertically in the mast panel and each can be configured according to your required perfusion parameters                          


The S5's memory chips are located within the various modules instead of centrally in a CPU. This ensures that each component functions as designed, in real-time. In addition, each module is completely replaceable and interchangeable.

  • Speed adjustments are performed via an Incremental Encoder, a maintenance-free technology that increases longevity and reliability  
  • Clearly structured, intuitive and descriptive menu system eliminates guesswork, and one-touch accessibility improves user convenience
  • Miniaturized sensor modules utilize 100% SMD technology
  • Operated by PC-independent software using state-of-the-art microcontrollers in conjunction with a high-integrity serial CAN bus
  • No boot time required after power-up—the system is ready for operation within 3 seconds



The perfusionist can directly access all control elements of the S5. The angled pump displays clearly show ergonomic improvements in legibility of the texts and symbols. And you'll find significantly more pole real estate below the base of the machine.

  • The brushless, direct-drive motor of the roller pumps reduces noise and vibration, making S5 one of the quietest systems of its kind
  • The footprint of the S5 has been reduced by 20% and overall weight has been reduced by 10% - show me
  • System panel can be easily mounted and adjusted both horizontally and vertically
  • High resolution TFT displays enable the perfusionist to easily view displayed values from greater distances and at an angle of up to 140 degrees 


  • Optimizing operational safety was paramount in the design of S5.
  • Only parts made of the highest quality materials with the lowest failure rates and greatest possible resistance to wear and tear are used.
  • The care taken in the selection of the materials and parts used contributes to reducing the operating costs and long-term costs of the system.

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