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Fast and efficient patient temperature control

The Sorin 3T Heater-Cooler System provides 3 circuits for fast and efficient heating and cooling to meet your patient and cardioplegia temperature needs.

Compressor-based cooling and 3 independent water tanks eliminate the need for ice and water supply in the operating room, providing separate settings for warm cardioplegia, cold cardioplegia and patient temperature.

Ease of use

Patient temperature settings can be adjusted to the tenth decimal point for accurate temperature control.

To facilitate cleanup, a water evacuation feature allows pulling back water from the lines into the tanks at the end of a procedure.



IM-00727 A

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring and Design Upgrade Customer Letter Medical Device Correction download 459.34 kB application/pdf

  • 3T Heater-Cooler IFU download 5.08 MB application/pdf

  • Deep-Cleaning Service Customer Letter download 271.61 kB application/pdf

  • Deep-Cleaning Service Request Form download 139.43 kB application/pdf

  • 3T Heater-Cooler Deep-Cleaning Service FAQs download 313.35 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Customer Letter December 2016 download 79.52 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Field Safety Notice Update - October 13, 2016 download 266.86 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T FAQs - October 13, 2016 download 225.37 kB application/pdf

  • US CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - October 13, 2016 download 150.03 kB application/pdf

  • US CDC Health Advisory No. 397 - October 13, 2016 download 122.39 kB application/pdf

  • US FDA Safety Communication - October 13, 2016 download 202.44 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Loaner Program Announcement - October 2016 download 184.14 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Loaner Request Form - October 2016.pdf download 175.56 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Certificate of Medical Necessity Form - October 2016 download 141.06 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Customer Communication Update - July 2016 download 364.39 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T FAQs - EuroSurveillance Article - June 2016 download 157.27 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Customer Letter - January 2016 download 113.42 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Field Safety Notice Update - August 2015 download 180.1 kB application/pdf

  • US 3T Field Safety Notice - June 2015 download 2.27 MB application/pdf

  • 9_3T Disinfection Procedure VIDEO IM-00510 C _02-17-2.mp4 download 85.84 MB video/mp4

  • 10_3T Sampling Procedure VIDEO IM-00944 A - 02-17-1.mp4 download 24.48 MB video/mp4

  • H2O2 Customer Letter.pdf download 1.44 MB application/pdf

  • IM-01041 A - FAQ_FSN 3T compatibility with polymer HE.pdf download 20.18 kB application/pdf

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