Easy. Smarter.

Features and benefits of the SMARTVIEW remote monitoring system

Feature Benefit
Patient-friendly design Sorin SMARTVIEW Help Desk Efficient set-up and continuous patient support
Flexible scheduling options Coordinate follow-up schedule to meet the need of your practice
Fewer and more relevant alerts Proper focus on the most critical events
Unopened alert escalation Patient well-being: procedural safeguard
Patient Initiated Transmission (PIT) Immediate assessment of patient syptoms
Coincise patient reports featuring IEGM and SMARTVIEW summary Immediate assessment of clinical and device status



Flexible scheduling options

  • Schedule is set by the clinic with manual and automatic options
  • System preserves battery life

Reports that take you instantly to the heart of the therapy

  • Important clinical insights presented first
  • All transmissions come with IEGM and full follow-up
  • On-demand follow-up with real-time IEGM for symptomatic patients
  • Physician-controlled transmission
  • Real-time activation via the website

Ongoing monitoring and reporting

  • Smartview SMARTVIEW daily system check
  • Clinic controls notifications
  • Unopened alerts escalated to a second clinician 




  • Fewer alerts, more relevance
  • Alerts organized according to level of severity
  • High PARAD+ specificity minimizes irrelevant alerts 

 Intuitive design and patient-focused technical assistance

  • Simple setup and patient-friendly operation
  • Smartview Help Desk support for each patient
  • Step-by-step guidance during monitor installation and first transmission

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