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The ESPRIT family makes your life easier with:

  • Dedicated algorithms designed for patient safety:
    • Lead impedance trend, A&V Autosensing.
    • V autothreshold.
  • Dplus: Automatic AV hysteresis
  • Smartcheck: Automate follow up tests at the click of a button



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Make life easier with Dplus pacing mode

  • Dplus automatically searches for intrinsic conduction, preserving ventricular rhythm.
  • Dplus significantly reduces ventricular pacing1.
  • Unnecessary ventricular pacing increases the risk of heart failure and atrial fibrillation2.



Make life easier with Smartcheck

Automate follow-up tests at the click of a button

  • Run all follow-up tests in less than 1 minute
  • Review and print EGM’s from tests
  • Customize and save test configurations

Tests performed by Smartcheck

  • A & V Sensing
  • A & V Impedance
  • V Autothreshold
  • A Threshold


Make life easier with dedicated algorithms designed for patient safety

  • Lead impedance trend measured every 6 hours
  • Continuous, automatic adjustment of A & V sensing thresholds to reflect variations in cardiac signals
  • V Autothreshold automatically adjusts the pacing output, enhancing patient safety and the longevity of the device



  1. Himmrich et al. Support of spontaneous atrioventicular conduction in patients with DDD(r) pacemakers: effectiveness and safety. Herz 2001; 26(1): 69-74.
  2. Sweeney M et al. Adverse effect of ventricular pacing on heart failure and atrial fibrillation among patients with normal baseline QRS duration in a clinical trial to pacemaker therapy for sinus node dysfunction. Circulation 2003; 107:2932-2937.

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