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Simplified procedures, better outcomes

Drawing on decades of experience, LivaNova delivers ground-breaking improvements in cardiac surgery. LivaNova innovations lead the way by enabling: 

  • More efficient patient care
  • Increased patient safety and survival
  • Faster patient recovery
  • Greater durability of treatment
  • Optimal use of hospital resources and budgets

We achieve better outcomes by cutting through complexity of procedures.

Reduced Physiologic Impact Of Surgery


Cardiothoracic surgery may involve highly invasive approaches; minimizing the impact of surgical procedures is key to improving patient outcomes. This is why we have created innovative solutions such as cannulae, aortic valves replacement devices, and mitral valve repair devices specifically designed to reduce the physiologic impact of surgery.


Reduced acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury is generally associated with longer duration of cardiopulmonary bypass and severe hemodilution; homologous transfusions may also worsen renal function. This is why we have created innovative devices such as sutureless valves and perfusion systems that reduce hemodilution and homologous transfusions, thus helping patients to avoid renal complications.



Native-like hemodynamics

Increased cardiac output with higher pressure gradients may be present during normal daily activities. Effective prostheses with dynamics that are as close as possible to those of native valves are essential. This is why we have created innovative devices for valve repair and replacement, which represent excellent solutions to aortic and mitral valve disease, and provide optimal hemodynamics.


Reduced number of transfusions


Homologous blood transfusions are frequently needed in cardiac surgery patients due to prolonged ischemic times and invasive procedures, and are correlated with a higher incidence of complications and increased shortand long-term mortality. This is why we have created innovative devices that are specifically designed to minimize hemodilution, easily monitor vital parameters, and simplify autotransfusions.


Focused On Neurological Protection

Neuropsychological disorders and brain injuries are a serious problem in cardiac surgery patients. The main causes of these neurological conditions are related to gaseous and lipid microemboli, inflammatory response, and cerebral hyperthermia induced by rewarming during cardiopulmonary bypass. This is why we have created innovative devices that are specifically designed to promote embolic protection during cardiopulmonary bypass.


Proven Clinical Outcomes

In cardiac surgery, technological innovation is important to provide personalized and clinically-proven treatments that will restore the physical condition of patients and give peace of mind. This is why we have created innovative devices for aortic and mitral valve treatment designed to provide the best solution for both younger and elderly as well as the highest levels of efficacy and safety.


Shorter ICU & Hospital Stay

In a cost-constrained environment, both length of ICU and hospital stay are critical factors that impact healthcare budget and resources; accordingly, there is an objective need for solutions that permit faster patient recovery and lower the costs of healthcare. To overcome such limitations, we have created innovative surgical devices and perfusion systems that allow for faster patient recovery, thus lowering overall costs.


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