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Addressing Patients’ Needs

At Sorin Group we are strongly committed to delivering safe and effective medical devices and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. 
Over the past 4 decades we have consistently been at the forefront of leading-edge technology, defining new boundaries in cardiac rhythm management. 
Just some of our achievements:

  • Developed the KORA 100 MRI conditional pacing system1 with BEFLEX leads which offers the only MRI mode that automatically detects an MRI magnetic field, provides safe MRI scanning, and automatically returns to normal configuration when the patient leaves the MRI environment. Safe and simple MRI scans for pacemaker patients, cardiologists, and radiologists – another innovative solution from Sorin.
  • Conducted research (the Answer study) on the effects of unnecessary right ventricular pacing (RV) leading to the introduction of SafeR (former AAIsafeR1) in our pacemaker lines. SafeR safely reduces RV pacing in SND patients as well as in AVB patients, and subsequently improves clinical outcomes.  A 51% risk reduction of Heart Failure events was observed with SafeR vs. DDD.2
  • Created an innovative sleep apnea monitoring algorithm (SAM) which has been validated against gold standard polysomnography, (the Dream study). SAM provides automatic and reliable screening for the risk of severe SA with a high specificity and sensitivity, 85% and 89% respectively.3]
  • Demonstrated the benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) over medical therapy and conceived a CRT device that can be automatically adapted to a patient's ever-changing cardiac status. Based on our findings, we developed the PARADYM RF SonR, PARADYM 2 SonR and INTENSIA SonR, which allow for continuous hemodynamic adjustment of CRT. 4 5
  •  Developed SMARTVIEW, a remote monitoring solution for cardiac patients with implanted cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices. Using the SMARTVIEW solution, healthcare providers can now access valuable cardiac data and receive alert messages from Sorin’s implantable PARADYM RF devices while the patient is at home.  Combined with remote data transmission, the intelligent proprietary features embedded in Sorin’s CRM devices offer advanced diagnostic capabilities and early detection of cardiac disease progression for enhanced patient management.6


Our Commitment: “First to imagine, First to Invent”

“First to Imagine, First to Invent” reflects our principle to concentrate on what we do best: to conceive, design, and build systems for cardiac rhythm management that improve and save lives.

In close partnership with expert cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and heart failure specialists, we explore new patient therapies and techniques that have a positive impact on patients, their families, and the medical community.

To enhance our product performance, we encourage you to provide your comments and suggestions to your local representative, and to inform us immediately about any indication of potential device malfunction with any of our products. Your contribution plays a key role in communicating accurate and vital product performance information.

We thank you all for your partnership in delivering the best care in CRM.



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  6. Remote monitoring of Sorin’s implantable cardiac devices with SMARTVIEW is based on physician instructions. SMARTVIEW is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention and should only be used as directed by a physician.