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Governance Bodies

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The Corporate-Governance model adopted by Sorin S.p.A. is consistent with the recommendations and regulations contained in the code issued by Borsa Italiana

Board of Directors (2015-2017)

This board enjoys the most ample power over both the Company's regular and nonrecurring business transactions. It provides direction to the Company's management and is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the Company's organization and its administrative and accounting systems, and for evaluating its overall operating performance:

Chairman Rosario Bifulco
Chief Executive Officer André-Michel Ballester
Independent Director Francesco Bianchi
Director Andrea Bovone
Director Gaetano Casertano
Independent Director Luciano Cattani
Independent Director Laura Donnini
Independent Director Roberto Ferri
Independent Director Laura Iris Ferro
Independent Director Ugo Ortelli
Director Giovanni Pavese
Independent Director Gino Santini
Director Michela Zeme



  • Orientation of the Board of Directors on the number of offices of Executive Directors download 77.26 kB application/pdf

Board of Statutory Auditors (2013-2015)

This board is charged with ensuring that the applicable laws and bylaws are complied with that the Company's internal-controls system and its organization and administrative and accounting systems are functioning as intended, and that Independent Auditors satisfy independence and technical-qualification requirements:

Chairman Cesare Piovene Porto Godi
Statutory Auditor Paolo Gualtieri
Statutory Auditor Claudia Costanza
Alternate Auditor Mariella Tagliabue
Alternate Auditor Daniela Pasquarelli
Alternate Auditor Stefania Bettoni


Independent Auditors (2013 – 2021)

Pricewaterhouse-Coopers S.p.A.

Executive Committee


Coordinator Rosario Bifulco
Member André-Michel Ballester
Member Andrea Bovone
Member Gaetano Casertano
Member Laura Iris Ferro
Member Ugo Ortelli


Compensation and Appointments Committee

Established by the Board of Directors, this committee provides the Board with proposals regarding the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and other Directors with special duties and periodically reviews the guidelines for the compensation of executives with strategic responsibilities. In addition, the committee is vested with the functions regulated by art. 5.C.1 of the Code of Conduct and in particular to formulate opinions to the Board of Directors regarding the size and composition of the Board and to propose candidates for the office of director in cases of co-optation, if necessary to replace independent directors:

Coordinator Giovanni Pavese
Member Luciano Cattani
Member Laura Donnini

  • Compensation and Appointments Committee regulation Italian version only download 102.29 kB application/pdf

Control and Risk Committee

Consisting mainly of independent Directors, this committee has a consulting and advisory role, monitoring the risks inherent in the business sectors in which the Company and its subsidiaries operate. It also oversees the operating and financial performance of the Company and the Group.

Coordinator Laura Iris Ferro
Member Andrea Bovone
Member Roberto Ferri


  • Control and Risk Committee Regulation Italian version only download 87.55 kB application/pdf

This committee is composed exclusively of independent directors and provides preliminary and binding advice on the Company's Policy for Transactions with Related Parties and on any subsequent modifications to this policy. Moreover, the Committee advises on Transactions with Related Parties.

Coordinator Gino Santini
Member Laura Donnini
Member Ugo Ortelli


  • Regulation Committee for Transactions with Related Parties Italian version only download 26.41 kB application/pdf

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